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Conectar Igualdad: Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers

In the past few weeks, many secondary schools in Bahía Blanca have received their netbooks from Conectar Igualdad. If you are one of the lucky teachers already in possession of this fantastic resource in your classroom, we want to help you make the most of it. So, we will publish a series of posts with free downloadable e-books from fantastic people such as Nick Peachey.

The book we are presenting today is called “Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers”, and according to the book´s introduction, it is “intended as simple introduction to some free Web 2.0 type tools that can be used by teachers who are interested in using technology in language teaching. The tools presented here are just the tip of the iceberg and this should not be considered in anyway conclusive or even the ʻbest ofʼ Web 2.0 tools. New tools are emerging all the time, many not originally intended for education, but which can be put to good use by students and teachers alike to extent opportunities, enhance learning potential and develop the level of digital literacy that students will need for the 21st century.”

We hope you enjoy the book, and thanks Nick Peachey for putting on the web such a fantastic resource for free!

Click HERE to download the e-book

Get ready to plan! Diseño Curricular in e-books

Here are some useful links in case you´re already preparing for this Saturday´s event at APIBB:

Diseño Curricular:

  • 1ero Escuela Sec.
  • 2do Escuela Sec.
  • 3ero Escuela Sec.
  • 4to Escuela Sec.
  • 5to Escuela Sec
  • 6to Escuela Sec.
  • Formato Sugerido para Planificaciones
  • Introducción al Diseño Curricular

    The ABC Portal has published some wonderful e-books with guidelines for teaching and planning. Follow the links to download the materials:

    Introducción al Diseño Curricular – ESB 1

    Introducción al Diseño Curricular – ESB 2

    Introducción al Diseño Curricular – Primaria

    Have a great 2011 school year!!!!