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August workshops: Beat the Winter Blues!

Click on the image to see the flyer in full size, or read below to get the details:


- 9am to 10.30am:

“Accelerated Learning”


- 11AM to 12.30pm:

“Singing Between the Lines: Developing Listening Comprehension Strategies through Songs”


- 2pm to 3.30pm:

“The Effect of BEER on TEACHING: Something is Brewing in the English Class”



- “Accelerated Learning” (Gustavo Paz):

Accelerated Learning as a systematic approach to teaching deals with students as whole persons. It includes specific core elements that, when used together, empower students to learn faster, more effectively and joyfully. To get the most from Accelerated Learning you need to know how and when to use each element and understand the theory behind it. An effective Accelerated Learning class includes new findings in multiple intelligences, learning styles, neurosciences and cognitive psychology.

- “Singing Between the Lines: Developing Listening Comprehension Strategies through Songs” (Mariano Quinterno):

Even though listening comprehension is very often practised in most EFL classrooms, students still complain that they have difficulty understanding what they hear. A possible explanation is that learners lack the necessary strategies to reconstruct the meaning of an oral text. In view of this, songs provide us with engaging material to help our students become better listeners. The aim of this presentation is to discuss how language educators can help learners develop strategies for different phases of comprehension through the use of well-known songs. The participants will be provided with examples of tasks which allow students to have access to “veiled” meanings in listening texts. Only in this way will learners be able to “sing between the lines.”

- The Effect of BEER on TEACHING: Something is Brewing in the English Class” (Gustavo Gonzalez):

I believe that we, teachers, should always surprise our students with creative ideas that, turned into meaningful activities, will help them learn the language they want to learn at the time they need to use it. Activating prior knowledge is essential to meet the relevance and meaningfulness they are looking for when learning English. So, many are the tasks we have as teachers to cater for our students’ needs, and I would like to share some ideas about engaging students, brainstorming, helping them make connections, using the surprise factor to make them react and find the need to voice their feelings, grading authentic material for all levels of English and some more tips that will enhance our teaching practices and their learning experience. Here’s to you, to our students and to teaching!!! Cheers!!!

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