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APIBB Active Participation at FAAPI Award 2012

The spirit of this award is to motivate and reward those members of APIBB who present papers or workshops at the FAAPI Annual Conference.

APIBB will grant one scholarship for the FAAPI 2012 Conference, which covers the registration fee and a bus ticket for a conference speaker. APIBB Members can be awarded the scholarship only once.


  • to have between three and ten years’ experience in the English teaching profession
  • to be a fully paid-up Member of APIBB, with at least one year as a Member
  • to submit an application and a speaker proposal form by 31st July 2012.

To be considered for the scholarship, please send the following in electronic format to apibb@bvconline.com.ar by 31st july 2012 (Subject: ‘Your Name – APIBB Active Participation at FAAPI Award’):

  • a completed speaker proposal and registration form (including biodata and presentation abstract), available from the FAAPI 2012 Conference website
  • your CV (please include teaching experience and academic presentations, if applicable)
  • a passport size-type digital photograph
  • a brief explanation of why you are applying and why you think you should be granted the scholarship

A decision will be made by APIBB’s Committee by 31 August 2012.

The winner will be notified by APIBB and he/she will then be required:
At the Conference:

  • to attend the informal meeting of FAAPI Associations with the APIBB Executive Committee Member(s) in a bid to encourage APIBB Members to actively participate in institutional matters.

After the Conference (by 25 October 2012)

  • to send a 250-word report on the experience at the Conference for publication by APIBB.
  • to deliver his/her presentation in Bahía Blanca (on site event or webinar) including a summary of the sessions s/he attended and his/her personal reflections.

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