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The Performers in Bahía Blanca 2012

Estimados docentes:
Queremos informarles que el CD de audio con los diálogos de cada obra de The Performers se encuentra a disposición de quien quiera pasar a retirarlos por la oficina de APIBB. Los archivos de los materiales para trabajar en clase se enviarán por mail a quien lo solicite, pero les recordamos que pueden acceder a éstos desde la web de las obras. Para saber cómo hacerlo, por favor comunicarse con nosotros. ¡Muchas gracias!





10.30 am -  2.00 pm

Young Learners

Splash is a story about three friends who live in the ocean: Chloe the fish, Sarah the seahorse and Oliver the octopus. Every day they go swimming, searching for adventures and cleaning up the rubbish that people dump into the sea. There is one thing they are really cautious about: sharks. As everybody knows, sharks eat fish. What will happen when they meet Harry the shark? Will they be able to persuade him into eating something different? Will he help them to clean up the ocean? Let’s dive in and find out what happens!


8.45 am – 4.00 pm

Pre-intermediate to Intermediate Students

Some scientists are doing research under the surveillance of a very demanding General Director who insists on having immediate results. Dr. Jekyll has been working hard on a Dual Personality formula that will enable a person to become someone completely different. Even though the experiment is almost finished, the results are not exactly what he has expected. Dr. Smith, the other scientist under surveillance, will attempt to steal Dr. Jekyll’s formula and pretend it’s hers.This story describes a society where everyone pretends to be someone else for fear of not being accepted, or loved. Will they be able to defend who they really are and face the consequences? Let’s enjoy a hilarious comedy about the importance of being oneself.


18.00 pm

Upper Intermediate to Advanced Students

A group of friends meet for drama class and an unexpected series of stories unfold. Love, hate, ambition, loyalty and death will be some of the topics they will develop. Little by little, Shakespeare’s plays will be brought to life by these students, who  will gain a deeper and lasting understanding of the characters’ feelings, some of which are surprisingly not so far away from their own. Shakespeare’s works will hereby become the trigger to reflect upon these topics.  Interwoven with some of the most famous Shakespearean texts, this modern story aims at awakening the students’ comprehension of their own attitudes and feelings as well as of those around them.

Booking in advance is a must!


$ 35.- por alumno

Se permite el ingreso sin cargo de un profesor acompañante por cada diez alumnos que asisten

La venta de entradas se realizará hasta el día viernes 24 de Agosto



Chiclana 681 – Piso 2 -  Of. 13

Horarios: mar y jue. de 9 a 13 hs

Mie y vie. de 16 a 20 hs.

Reservas y consultas al tel: 4563166 o


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