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APIBB Services


  • Free courses and workshops.
  • An updated webpage with a list of members available to the community 365 days a year.
  • Special section on our website for those interested in private teaching,  advertising their services with specification of city area.
  • New online listings of members´CVs available online to schools and institutes.
  • Call for teachers who would like to teach courses at APIBB.
  • Specific courses for Profesorado students.
  • Classified ads in the local paper advertising the teacher listings on the website.
  • Free wi-fi Internet for members at our office.
  • PC with internet access.
  • Newsletter with information of academic and cultural events organized by APIBB and other related institutions.
  • Public Lending Library “Dorotea M. Steffens”: textbooks, resource books for teachers, educational posters, history and literature collections, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other reference material for consultation. More than 2,000 items.
  • SIGs – Special Interest Groups.
  • Organization of courses, congresses, seminars, lectures and workshops.
  • Organization of cultural events, such as the presentation of theater groups that produce educational plays in English; exhibitions in art galleries; thematic film shows, etc.
  • Advice to members and the community in general on the validity and validation of titles / degrees .
  • Authorized center of the University of London for its examinations, the London Tests of English.
  • Special discount in San Cristobal Seguros.
  • Special discount in Hotel Juncal from Buenos Aires.

And, as usual… belonging to APIBB is always an endorsement to your degree as a teacher of English!

APIBB  Servicios

- Biblioteca “Dorotea M. de Steffens”: libros de texto, novelas, diccionarios para consulta, posters para enseñanza. Más de 2.000 ejemplares.

- Servicio de Internet gratuito para socios.

- Newsletters con información de eventos académicos y culturales organizados por APIBB y otras instituciones afines.

- Lista de consulta de profesores asociados.

- Bolsa de Trabajo para socios.

- SIGs-Grupos de interés.

- Organización de congresos, seminarios, cursos, charlas y talleres.

- Coordinación de actividades culturales como: presentación de grupos teatrales con puesta en escena de obras habladas en inglés, exhibiciones y muestras en salones de arte, ciclos de cine, etc.

- Asesoramiento a miembros y comunidad en general acerca de la validez y validación de títulos.

- Centro examinador de la Universidad de Londres para sus exámenes The London Tests of English.

- Descuento especial para asociados en San Cristóbal Seguros.

- Descuento especial para asociados en el Hotel Juncal de Buenos Aires.