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Why become an APIBB member?


Being an APIBB member does not just open the door to exciting opportunities in your career and personal development. It also gives you access to a first-class range of services designed to support you in your professional life.

Member benefits and services

 APIBB keeps you at the leading-edge of the profession with a range of benefits and services which include:

  • The chance to build your professional network.
  • APIBB’s reputation coupled with our professional events means that members are regularly invited to play a part in developing the profession at all levels. You could ultimately meet other members who share your interests and create a special interest group, stay in contact or exchange views. Our community is vast and diverse as you can see on the list of names displayed on our website.
  • APIBB members regularly get discounts at events organized not only in the city but also in other parts of the country, especially when they are delivered by a sister association.
  • All members have the opportunity to be part of the Committee, the body that governs our activities, and to get involved at a national level as we are members of FAAPI (Federación Argentina de Asociaciones de Profesores de Ingles). As a committee member you make things happen. This can help to raise your profile, broaden your professional networks and develop your skills.
  • We provide all kinds of opportunities to help you in your career and support your continuing professional development. These include face-to-face workshops and lectures delivered by outstanding speakers in the EFL field, as well as online collaborations and informal talks with native speakers who help us enrich our vocabulary and have the chance to listen to different accents.
  • As FAAPI members, we encourage our associates to attend their annual conference and offer the chance to win a scholarship to enjoy and benefit from all the activities provided during this amazing event.
  • We are interested in supporting our members from the very beginning, so we have created a new category for Profesorado students in their last year so they can benefit from and participate in all of our activities.


We’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening in the EFL world in a variety of ways:

  • Our member-focused social media platforms
    We keep you up to date through our Facebook and Instagram feeds.
  • Updated website with information.
  • Regular e-mails with all the events and presentations related to our profession.
  • Connecting you with job opportunities


10 powerful reasons to become an APIBB member!

✓               Free access to all of our professional development events.

✓               Discounts at events organized by other institutions.

✓               Being part of a great community of committed professionals.

✓               Opportunities of involvement, of making things happen! By being part of the committee you can help in the organization of lectures, workshops and conferences.

✓               The possibility of winning a scholarship to attend FAAPI Conference.

✓               Getting free advice on topics related to our profession such as value of the teaching hour or validation of degrees.

✓               Receiving updated information related to the ESL world.

✓               Connecting you with job opportunities through our exclusive online platform.

✓               Support to members who want to teach courses on behalf of APIBB.

✓               Courses specially designed to answer the needs of our Profesorado students.


And, as usual … belonging to APIBB is always and endorsement to your degree as a teacher of English!